St. Petersburg City Theatre will hold auditions for Dracula, The Vampire Strikes Back on Monday and Tuesday, August 16 and 17, 2021 at 6:30. The show, directed by David Middleton, is a musical parody in the style of British Panto. The production team, including Musical Director Donna Grabill, will be looking for main leads as well as singers/dancers of all ages for the chorus and ensemble. For the audition, please prepare a 32-bar song with piano accompaniment (bring sheet music) and wear clothing and shoes suitable for dance movement. Main leads may be asked to cold read from the script. The show is a rowdy production packed with fun and silliness. The performances feature over-the-top characters, drag comedy, double-entendre, outrageous puns, corny dad jokes (groaners), musical numbers plus noisy audience participation. The roles of Coco Van Helsing, Sapphi Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker are already cast. The production dates are October 8 through 17, 2021.

The main characters are:  

Narrator – Female – The Narrator makes the audience feel welcome and tells the story. This role needs someone with authority – capable of connecting with the audience. A good singing voice is helpful, but not absolutely critical.

Coco Van Helsing – Middle-Aged Male (in drag) – The Panto dame and Sapphi’s mother. Extremely poor, but at the same time very materialistic. Need a big, camp personality for this part. Someone who can really play to the audience.

Lord Emo Globin / Count Dracula  – Male – The principal villain in Act I. He storms, threatens, shouts and struts. A good part for a larger-than-life performer, but someone with a sense of comedy. Almost any age suitable.  Count Dracula after transformation – An evil Transylvanian vampire, guileful, silky and mean. Someone who can give a reasonable Transylvanian accent as well as a versatile and ideally powerful voice.

Sapphi Van Helsing, The Vampire Slayer – Female – Sapphi is the heroine. Fighting evil and vampires wherever she finds them, she wins the affection of the audience with ease. Strong singing and confidence are both a must.

Jonathan Harker – Male – The hero. Jonathan starts out weak and cowardly but eventually finds his courage. A young man with a lot of stage presence, and a sense of comedy.

Lucy Lactic – Youthful Female – Lucy is Sapphi’s best friend. A schoolgirl type who gets mad crushes on people like Doctor Renfield. A talent for physical comedy and a strong singing voice are what this part needs.

Doctor John Renfield – Male – Doctor Renfield appears to be a plain local physician, but he has a dark secret. Need someone who can manage both light character humor to get laughs, but also show the audience a tortured soul without getting laughs!

Sheerluck Jones – Male – An incompetent detective. Bumbling, bumptious and foolish. Someone with an “‘ello, ‘ello,” British accent and fast comic delivery.

Dr. Whatsup – Male – Sheerluck’s long-suffering sidekick. He never says anything at all, but the actor (possibly someone between 12-15) should have a good hangdog expression.

Van Helsing – Male – Coco’s long-lost husband and Sapphi’s father. An older man with a German (accent optional). Would suit a character player. Non-Singing.

Evileen – Female – Dracula’s Mother. Pushy, meddlesome mother with an over- the-top personality.

Chorus/Ensemble – Male and FemaleSingers and dancers of all ages to play townspeople, vampires and assorted other fun roles.

The cast will be requested to provide a basic black leotard, tights and/or dance wear.

PLEASE PRE-REGISTER ON-LINE: (Link for Audition Form is Below) AuditionForms will also be available at auditions.

We encourage everyone and even if you are not cast, we urge you to get involved in other ways. Helping paint or build sets, costuming, or props, working backstage, or volunteering to usher are great ways to meet people, network, and become part of our theatre family.