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Get to Know The Addams Family Cast!

Suzanne Alexander  This is Suzanne’s first, but not last, musical performance. She also fills her time by “acting” like an adult. Well, sometimes. Suzanne works as a Nurse Practitioner, and when she isn’t acting, you can find her enjoying the rain, hanging out with cats, eating chocolate, dancing, singing, listening to music, and caring for…

Funny Money – Get to Know Our Cast

Click below to learn more about the people behind community theatre, members of our Funny Money cast. We hope you find their ties to the show, St. Petersburg City Theatre and our community just as interesting as we do. Tom Campbell Jeffrey Holmes Jim Russell Georgia Dunning Velda Gauthier Kailyn Rosenthal Cory Pfhal


Don’t miss this award-winning actress and playwright, Roxanne Fay, in her one-night only performance for St Petersburg City Theatre.  More Information in article: