Get to Know The Addams Family Cast!

Suzanne Alexander 

This is Suzanne’s first, but not last, musical performance. She also fills her time by “acting” like an adult. Well, sometimes. Suzanne works as a Nurse Practitioner, and when she isn’t acting, you can find her enjoying the rain, hanging out with cats, eating chocolate, dancing, singing, listening to music, and caring for people. One of the quotes she carries around with her is, “Life should imitate art; just spontaneously burst into song and dance any time you want.”

Carmilina Alford

Carmilina Alford (Grandma) is excited to be back at SPCT. She was cast in last year’s production of Dracula: The Vampire Strikes Back as the  “over the top” Flower Lady and in A Christmas Carol as The Ghost of Christmas Past in which she won a Michaels award for best actress. 

Since her move to Florida over 20 years ago, the theater has captured her heart. She has appeared in many shows in the area. She was last seen in Gulfport’s One Acts as a stern principal. When not performing, she enjoys visiting theme parks, traveling, and gardening. 

Carmilina Alford plays Grandma in the musical The Adams Family. In combination with her love of acting, she portrays Grandma in a comedic style. Her role is sure to dazzle audiences. Originally from Philadelphia, the home of “Rocky”, Carmilina has worked as an extra in several of the Rocky films. 

Kate Cordes

Kate Cordes is dying to perform in her first show at St. Pete City Theatre as an Ancestor! She has taken voice lessons at Voice Studio of Nancy Garma for over seven years and performed with DeArmon C.A.S.T. for six years. Her favorite past roles include Cosette (Les Miserables), Elsa (Frozen Jr.), and Buttons (Newsies). She hopes you enjoy the show and welcomes you all to the Addams Family!

“I love community theater! Being involved with St. Pete City Theatre has been such a joy. The whole staff is incredibly kind and helpful. This experience in Addams Family has just made me that much more excited to continue my musical theater journey at Florida Southern College in the Spring!”

Leyla-Jade Curbelo 

Leyla-Jade Curbelo is a 14-year-old freshman in high school, but don’t let her young age fool you. Curbelo has participated in local community theatre since she was seven. So, while this is her first show with St. Pete City Theatre, she is no stranger to the live audience. Her dream role is Rizzo from Grease

Gabrielle DeAngelo

Gabrielle DeAngelo plays the role of a clown ancestor. She has a passion for musical theatre and comedy and loves to make people laugh!

“I am a Florida native from the Orlando area. Coming from Disney it’s been a fun shift to turn from one type of cast member to another! I moved to the Saint Pete area after my boyfriend got the good news he was accepted into Stetson Law and I couldn’t be happier to be here. I love the beach and I love how much culture and art Saint Pete has to offer. I am so excited to be a part of this show, it is funny, dramatic, and just a bit kooky and spooky as a great show should be!”

Allison Garrett

Allison is thrilled to be cast in The Addam’s Family and would like to thank her loving and supportive family for doing a little extra to give her this fantastic opportunity! Love you, Andy, Emma, and Caroline! Thanks too to Chris and the entire cast/crew for letting me join you on stage!

“For years I have watched my daughters perform on stage at SPCT and when I heard they were doing the Addams Family on the main stage, I thought “maybe it’s my turn!” A bucket list item for me turning 50 was to – just for a short while – trade in the titles of Andy’s wife, Emma and Caroline’s mom, NOAA’s Communications Specialist – for “Addam’s family ancestor!” While there are so many talented, more seasoned cast members than me in this production, I am proof it is possible to get back to the things you once loved doing, or step out of your comfort zone and try something new. 

“This experience has been so meaningful, and I have learned so much. I’ve had so much fun and love singing, dancing, and performing. Don’t keep putting off your personal to-do list – take a deep breath and go for it! SPCT is a warm, inviting community and a hidden gem nestled in St. Pete! Nearing 100 years old, the theatre is part of history, and I really wanted to perform at SPCT and be part of that history! With something for every age – young, old, and in-between- you will have a wonderful experience on stage and/or sitting in the audience!

“I want to offer my sincere gratitude to those working so hard to make SPCT what it is today. My children have benefited so much from the programs and love being part of the theatre.”

Amanda “Fox” Gomer

Amanda “Fox” (Ancestor) is excited to bring their kookiest quirks to the stage in their first production at SPCT. They have most recently been on the production side of the stage with Eight O’Clock Theatre and Vivid Productions. Fox has a background in dance and worked as a choreographer for Berkeley Prep, among other theatres. She also taught dance in the Tampa area. Their latest performance credits include Disenchanted (Mulan/Baldroulbadour) and Cabaret (Frenchie). Fox wants to thank the whole cast and crew for showing them nothing ‘but love.’ Shine bright like the moon!

Joe Houser

Joe Houser’s last performance on stage was in 2015 in Woodbury, Minnesota. Flash forward seven years, and he is back on stage and ready to shine. Since he moved to the area in 2019, he hasn’t looked back and he plans to audition for future productions within the area.

“I’m excited for my first performance with the St. Petersburg City Theatre. For those who love Halloween, this show should be on your to-do. It’s perfect timing to get in the spirit!”

Cadence Hughes

This is Cadance’s first show with SPCT, and she would like to thank her friends and family for encouraging her to join a show and thank the incredibly talented cast of The Addam’s Family for an amazing and unforgettable experience.

“I have learned so much while being a part of The Addam’s Family! I was given the opportunity to tap in a show for the first time and it has been such a fun skill to learn! I am so excited to see the final product and see the show come together!”

Caitlein Jayne Jammo 

Caitlein Jayne Jammo is so excited to be part of this kooky production! She studied theatre and mathematics at the University of Florida and somehow ended up as probate and commercial litigator at Johnson Pope. She wants to thank her friends and family for the love and support they always show. Pinky!

“I got the opportunity to be Mary Poppins in “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in All Together Now with the wonderful Stefanie Lehmann as the director and had a splendiferous experience.  I was so honored to get the opportunity to play such an icon like Morticia!”

Kari Kennedy

Kari’s involvement with SPCT started out with behind-the-scenes work, and she continues to enjoy learning the art of stage management while expanding to her first musical with The Addam’s Family. She’s been involved behind the scenes with four shows at SPCT, including Sex, Sin and the CIA, and a few shows in Memphis. 

“I’m a late bloomer. I started about three years ago in a small production company in Memphis.  After taking a few acting classes and realizing I couldn’t memorize lines well, I tapped into my natural need to organize. Stage management called me like a siren! After moving to St. Pete, I attended Barefoot in the Park and signed up to volunteer with sets, props, and backstage. The Addam’s Family is my first musical, and I’ve learned a ton. The amount of work that goes on both with the cast and backstage is a culmination of talent and art that must come together to make the show come alive. It’s magic!”

Stacie Lehmann

Stacie Lehmann’s involvement with the SPCT started in the summer of 2004 when her youngest daughter began rehearsing for Music Man. I have been on the Board and volunteering wherever needed since then to try to give similar opportunities to the young and the not-so-young in our community. 

“It’s a joy to costume this show with my daughter, Stefanie since she has returned home to St Petersburg.

“Sign up to be a member online at To learn about volunteer opportunities, email It takes a community.”

Stefanie Maiya Lehmann

Stefanie Maiya Lehmann is a member of City Theatre’s executive board and recently directed All Together Now, Love, Loss and What I Wore (2021), and A Christmas Carol (2020). Her day job is Associate General Manager of Lincoln Center in NYC. 

Stefanie grew up at SPCT, gaining experience both on and off stage through local community theatres. Her education includes PCCA-Gibbs High’s Musical Theatre Major; Brenau University’s Gainesville’s Theatre Alliance and BFA Theatre Arts Management; University of Cincinnati-CCM’s M.B.A. and M.A. Arts Administration. Stefanie is outrageously proud of this cast and thrilled all her years of dance classes can still be put to good use.  

“The most interesting note about me and this show is that my first show with SPCT was 18 years ago (A Music Man), and my first choreographer was this show’s director, Christine White. 

“You’re a lovely human being.”

Jeffrey M. Lukas

Jeffrey M. Lukas is excited to make his SPCT debut! He has credits including Franz Leibkind (The Producers), Thomas Andrews (Titanic: The Musical), Duke of Cornwall (King Lear), Clown #1 (39 Steps), and Dr. Henry Jekyll (Jekyll & Hyde). Love to Tammy, Scarlett, and Zoey! Want to know more about Jeff? Visit his website:

“The show has played a factor in the trajectory of my life. I’ve played Gomez twice before and met my wife in a prior production. She happens to be best friends with Shaun Rice, who played Uncle Fester in the National Tour and was the director in our past production. If you look beyond all The Addam’s motifs, you will see a story about a love for family and what needs to be done for that love to grow. As for me, I would consider myself to be a part-time professional actor with over 20+ years of experience. I’m the only left-handed person in my family, and even though I will grow it for a role… I DESPISE facial hair!

“I represent myself as Jeffrey M. Lukas for my shows.”

Arden Ruby 

Arden Ruby started her musical theater career 12 years ago. She has performed with DeArmon CAST in Lutz since age seven, and she is currently enrolled in HCC as a Freshman as a voice major. This is Arden’s first show with St. Petersburg City Theater, and she is completely thrilled and honored to be playing Wednesday along with such a talented cast. 

Arden heard about the auditions for The Addam’s Family online through a friend. She had never heard of SPCT before now, but she’s so honored and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team!

“Thank you for coming, and enjoy the show!”

DJ Schuett 

New St. Petersburg resident, DJ, is thrilled to be making his swashbuckling debut at SPCT as part of this wonderful and welcoming cast and crew! A huge thank you to his two English Bulldogs for letting him out of the house and all of the support and kisses! His most recent credit is Mr. Jefferson and The Man in Eight O’Clock Theatre’s production of Rent.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of The Addam’s Family. Particularly The Addams Family Values movie (Joan Cusack as a black widow nanny?!? I’m here for it!) and the cartoon series from the 90s. I listened to the original cast recording of the musical nonstop for at least two months. I’m so happy that I get to be creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky, and all together ooky as part of this Addam’s Family!”