Michael Award Winners

Congratulations to our St. Petersburg City Theatre Michael Award Winners for the 2021-2022 Season! Thank you to all who give their time, talent and treasure.

Favorite Drama: A Christmas Carol

Favorite Director of a Drama: David Collins

Leading Actor, Drama: Alan Rosenthal

Leading Actress, Drama: Carmilina Alford

Supporting Actor, Drama: Julian Vega

Supporting Actress, Drama: Kelsey Gonzalez

Favorite Comedy: Sin, Sex, and the CIA

Favorite Director of a Comedy: Jim Russell

Favorite Set Design: David Middleton and Susan Demers

Favorite Stage Manager: Kari Kennedy,

Favorite Production Coordinator: David Middleton

Leading Actor, Comedy: Jim Gunning

Leading Actress, Comedy: Georgia Koslowski

Supporting Actor, Comedy: Gabriel Jansen

Supporting Actress, Comedy: Barbie Hedge

Favorite Musical: Dracula, The Vampire Strikes Back!

Favorite Director of a Musical: David Middleton

Favorite Sound Design: Jim Russell

Favorite Sound Board Operator: Jo Dauzvardis

Favorite Costume Design: Jessie Moeller

Favorite Backstage Person: Kailyn Rosenthal

Leading Actor, Musical: Alan Rosenthal

Leading Actress, Musical: Phineas Slaton

Supporting Actor, Musical: Jim Russell

Supporting Actress, Musical: Akile Anai

Favorite Lighting Design and Favorite Light Board Operator: TIE

Maddie Crowell for Dracula, The Vampire Strikes Back! and Maddie Crowell and Brennan Huepenbecker, Sin, Sex & the C.I.A.

Favorite Performance by a Young Actress: Hadley Cote

Favorite Performance by a Young Actor: Brennan Huepenbecker

Favorite Performance by a Newbie (first time on stage): Keahi Caffo